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Access Email | Email Account Management | Stats Server

Here we present a variety of services.  Depending on the nature of the service we provide you, you will have access to them.

Access e-mail gives all our customers with e-mail accounts at inTown access the their e-mail from a web browser.  This means you can view your mail anywhere you have access to the internet.  All you need is your e-mail address and your password.  You will also be able to set vacation messages, change your password, forward mail and many more features.  Check it out.

e-mail Account Management  allows our clients who host their own domains with us to manage the mail boxes of their own users.  All that is needed is the special administrative e-mail address and password and access is provided to add, delete and modify e-mail accounts.

Stats Server is there to allow our web hosting clients to see varied statistics regarding their web site.  inTown may e-mail these to them at a regular basis, but here we offer a comprehensive set of statistics to allow you to analyze your web site. You should have received your new login credentials. contact us if you have not received them.